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Jeff ClarkEditor, S&A Short Report

Jeff Clark is the former president and chief executive officer of an independent, San Francisco-based brokerage house, and the founder of an investor education firm. Jeff has served as a consultant to one of the country's largest options market-making firms, and he has also developed the curricula for an international Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program.
Jeff is the editor of The S&A Short Report, which focuses on short-term options trading.

Brian HuntEditor in Chief, Stansberry & Associates

Brian Hunt is the editor in chief of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, publisher of Growth Stock Wire and dozens of premium investment and trading advisories. A successful private trader and real estate pawnbroker, he is also the co-founder of DailyWealth Trader, which is one of the industry's most popular trading advisories.

Matt BadialiEditor, S&A Resource Report

Matt Badiali is the editor of The S&A Resource Report, a monthly investment focused on investments in energy, metals, and other natural resources. Matt has a master's in geology from Florida Atlantic University and over 20 years of real-world experience as a hydrologist, geologist, and a consultant to the oil industry.

Frank CurzioEditor, Small Stock Specialist and Phase 1 Investor

Frank Curzio has 18-plus years of experience in the investment advisory business. He's been a guest on various media outlets, including Fox Business News, CNBC's The Kudlow Report and CNBC's The Call.
He has also been mentioned numerous times on Jim Cramer's Mad Money, is a featured guest on CNN Radio, and has been quoted in financial magazines and websites. And Frank's "S&A Investor Radio" is one of the most widely followed financial broadcast in the country.
Frank is the editor of Small Stock Specialist, an investment advisory that focuses on undervalued growth stocks with small market caps. He is also the editor of the exclusive Phase 1 Investor advisory.

Larsen KusickEditor, Phase 1 Investor

Larsen Kusick is the lead analyst for the exclusive Phase 1 Investor advisory. He specializes in small-caps, technical analysis, and contrarian investing strategies. Formerly of TheStreet, where he managed a service focused on small-cap growth stocks, Larsen has traded options and commodities on the floor of the NYBOT and COMEX and worked as a management consultant in the finance industry.

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