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Three Stock Picks You Won't Hear About Anywhere Else

By Jeff Clark
Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In today's essay, I'm doing something a little different...
Instead of telling you about what's happening in the markets, I'm going to tell you about an opportunity to hear some of the world's greatest resource investors' top ideas.
I'll also tell you how you can learn three of my best stock picks today. These are ideas I can't give away in these pages, or to my Short Report or S&A Pro Trader subscribers.
I know I'll get complaints that this sounds like an advertisement. And in a sense, it is. But I'm not going to apologize for it. This is a great opportunity you should take advantage of.
Let me explain...
When I was first asked to speak at the Stansberry Society Conference in Dallas this May, I politely declined.
I don't speak at a lot of conferences anymore. Most of them are just too big and impersonal to provide value to the folks who attend or fun for the folks who speak at them.
Plus, the last time I visited Texas, it was a disastrous experience.
In the summer of 2001, I flew into Houston to speak at an investment conference.
It felt like it was 4,000 degrees outside. The spiders were as big as my head. And the steak dinner they served at the conference was as tough as a cowboy boot soaked in tar.
My first and only impression of Texas was tainted forever, and I swore I'd never go back.
"But," the Stansberry conference event organizer responded, "There are few places on the globe more pleasant than Dallas in the springtime. You'll get to talk about natural resources. And we'll put you on the stage next to T. Boone Pickens."
It would be hard to say "No" to that. One doesn't often get the chance to hob-nob with a billionaire oil tycoon on his home turf... and also hear about where he's investing his fortune.
But still, I was hesitant...
"We'll be at the brand-new AT&T Performing Arts Center's Winspear Opera House," the organizer said, "it's a state-of-the-art facility."
"And," he continued, "we'll let you talk about whatever you want."
"Sold!" I said. "Not even my wife lets me do that."
A quick Google search revealed that Dallas IS a wonderful city to be in during the springtime. Temperatures are mild, and the scent of vibrant wildflowers fills the air. That's a nice backdrop for any sort of event.
And I've been to enough Stansberry events to know the food and drink are always first rate... There's no fear of chewy chicken or tough steak.
You see, Stansberry conferences are different. They're in intimate settings with first-class accommodations.
I attended the first Stansberry Society Conference in Miami last month. I got to see Porter Stansberry interview Julian Assange. I witnessed James Altucher smash his cell phone on stage. And I heard Steve Sjuggerud talk about his "trade of the decade."
But the best parts of the conference were the conversations I got to have with other attendees during the cocktail reception, the dinner, and the break periods.
Stansberry Society members are intelligent, hard-working folks from diverse backgrounds. They're all looking for good investment ideas, and they all have good stories to tell. I look forward to seeing them in Dallas this May. And I urge you to join us there.
You'll hear from natural-resource experts like Rick Rule, who runs Sprott Resource Corp. (Google Rick's name, you'll be impressed); Cactus Schroeder, who made his fortune in natural resources; Matt Badiali, a genuine "rock" star who writes profitable resource trading advice here in Growth Stock Wire; and Frank Curzio, another outstanding Stansberry analyst you often see in these pages.
You'll also hear Porter Stansberry update his "End of America" thesis. Radio hosts James Altucher and Alex Jones will present what is on their minds at the moment.
And the keynote speaker is T. Boone Pickens – one of the greatest resource investors in the world.
I'll also be there talking about three of my favorite stocks right now.
These are trades that I can't recommend in Growth Stock Wire or to my newsletter subscribers. The market capitalizations are too small and any mention here would immediately blow up the prices. But I can mention them to the 400 or 500 people who show up in Dallas this May.
One stock is in the agriculture business – which you know I've been hot on since early February. It trades at just two times earnings and it has 20% of its market cap in cash. The stock could soar to five times its current value and it would still be cheap.
Another recommendation is in the fastest-growing natural-resource business in the world right now – marijuana. Ever since Colorado and Washington legalized the use of marijuana, the "pot" stocks have been going nuts. Most of the stocks are trading at ridiculous valuations – similar to the dot-com bubble of 2000.
But I found one stock that has been largely overlooked by the investment community. It's an indirect play on the marijuana boom that trades at about 45% of book value and pays a 10% dividend.
The final stock is going to remain a secret until the conference. Its upside potential is even better than the other two recommendations. But you'll have to join me in Dallas to hear about it...
To learn more about the conference and how you can purchase tickets for a 40% discount right now, click here.
Good trading,
Jeff Clark

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