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You only need one of these deals to be set for life
Saturday, August 7, 2010

"You only need a few of these... Heck, you really only need one of these sorts of deals to be set for life."
That's what our friend Doug Casey (one of the richest guys we know) recently told Dr. David Eifrig about a little-known investment he's used to amass a fortune. Doug was talking about "warrants."
Back in the early 1990s, Doug invested in a small mining company called Diamond Fields International. Doug took part in a deal where a group of private investors placed money directly into the company's coffers in exchange for stock.
To entice investors to buy its shares, some companies attach a special contract to each share that allows an investor to buy extra shares at an agreed-upon price in the future. These are warrants.
In Doug's case, he bought 50,000 "units" for $0.25 per unit. It cost him $12,500. Each unit represented one share of stock and one warrant.
Several years later, Diamond Fields found a large diamond deposit in Africa. The stock exploded in value... and so did Doug's warrants. Diamond Fields traded up to $150 a share... a 59,800% gain. But get this... his warrants (which he got for free) were now just as valuable as the stock, which more than doubled his payout. Doug made almost $15 million.
Warrants are commonplace in the small-cap mining sector... These companies don't have access to the credit markets because their prospects are so risky. They attract potential investors with warrants – essentially free stock.
Deals like Doug's Diamond Fields investment are normally available only to mining insiders... and go to zero more often than not.
But Doc Eifrig, editor of our new Retirement Trader service, shows subscribers how regular investors can use warrants to reduce risk and maximize their gains while investing in a variety of companies... including blue-chip stocks (Wells Fargo, for example). It's a secret he learned as an elite Wall Street derivatives trader.
Before you scare yourself out of trying warrants, understand these are much safer than regular stock options. In fact, both the U.S. government and legendary investor Warren Buffett are currently investing in warrants. And you can do the same with as little as a few hundred dollars. Warrants are probably the safest way to gain huge upside potential without taking massive risks. We'd encourage you to learn more about this little-known strategy here.
Doc's Retirement Trader is generating a big buzz around the office...
I just made $1,400 in a few weeks following a trade from Doc Eifrig. I made another $2,000 on another similar trade. It's the easiest money I've ever made in the stock market... and probably the safest, too.
The above is an e-mail I received earlier this week from a colleague who is using Doc's Retirement Trader techniques.
As I mentioned, Eifrig is a former Goldman Sachs derivatives strategist who uses Retirement Trader to show readers strategies they can use to safely generate 20%-30% gains over the course of a year. But as readers are finding out, the gains can come much bigger and much faster than that...
Eifrig just closed out a trade he recommended in May for a 100% gain. Readers made 93% on a similar trade last month. He's already earned 57% on his most recent trade – recommended less than two weeks ago. The rest of my colleague's e-mail sums up the service...
I always thought you had to take big risks to make money this fast. But I also used to trade with strategies that were basically the opposite of what Eifrig recommends. Now I see why Goldman Sachs' trading group is profitable every day of the year.
If you haven't already tried Eifrig's unique methods to make an extra few thousand dollars per month, we're offering five months of Doc's service free – but only if you contact us before midnight on Monday. You can learn how to get started here.
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This Week's Winners
S&P 500 Symbol Change
Priceline PCLN +31.6%
Perkinelmer PKI +14.5%
Anadarko Petroleum APC +13.3%

Countries Symbol Change
France EWQ +5.0%
Germany EWG +4.7%
Spain EWP +4.6%

Sectors Symbol Change
Agribusiness MOO +4.9%
Health Care IYH +4.2%
Gold Mining GDX +4.0%

Commodities Change
Wheat +11.0%
Nickel +7.4%
Zinc +6.9%
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Priceline PCLN +30.6%
Expedia EXPE +15.2%
Coventry Health Care CVH +14.6%

Countries Symbol Change
Germany EWG +4.7%
Israel ISL +4.4%
France EWQ +4.4%

Sectors Symbol Change
Agribusiness MOO +5.9%
Gold Mining GDX +4.2%
Health Care IYH +4.2%

Commodities Change
Wheat +21.0%
Lead +9.4%
Nickel +7.9%

Date Range:7/29/2010 to 8/5/2010
This Week's Losers
S&P 500 Symbol Change
Pitney Bowes PBI -15.2%
Baker Hughes BHI -13.6%
JC Penney JCP -11.5%

Countries Symbol Change
Canada EWC +0.8%
Singapore EWS +0.9%
Malaysia EWM +0.9%

Sectors Symbol Change
Infrastructure PKB -1.1%
Homebuilding ITB -1.0%
Airlines FAA -0.9%

Commodities Change
Feeder Cattle -4.9%
Natural Gas -4.4%
Sugar -4.0%
S&P 500 Symbol Change
Genworth Financial GNW -16.2%
Pitney Bowes PBI -16.0%
Baker Hughes BHI -12.2%

Countries Symbol Change
Japan EWJ +0.6%
Indonesia IF +0.7%
Turkey TKF +0.9%

Sectors Symbol Change
Homebuilding ITB -0.7%
Food PBJ +0.0%
Airlines FAA +0.5%

Commodities Change
Feeder Cattle -4.9%
Sugar -3.2%
Aluminium +0.0%

Date Range:7/29/2010 to 8/5/2010
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